A double sweep and a first time NCAA tournament

Story Highlights:

  • Cal Poly sweeps Northern Illinois University and Wagner bringing their record to 17-3
  • Coach Larry Lee and fans talk about what they see the Cal Poly baseball team bringing this season
  • Cal Poly basketball on to the Big Dance for the first time in school history


Cal Poly takes infield practice as they prepare for their back-to-back series against Wagner and Northern Illinois University

Cal Poly executes the double sweep at home against Northern Illinois and Wagner

Cal Poly had a series of wins with scores of  4-2, 10-1, and 11-9 in their mid week series against Northern Illinois University on March 11-13 at Baggett Stadium bringing their record to 14-3.

With the win Cal Poly completed their second sweep of the season and has won 14 straight home games which is a record that started last season.  They also have the fifth longest winning streak in the nation according to a press release on Cal Poly’s website.

“I am a huge Larry Lee fan,” said season ticket holder John Fleming.  “This is the best program right here.”

Indeed it is one of the best in the country as Cal Poly didn’t stop with Northern Illinois as they went into the weekend series against Wagner with the same optimism and completed the sweep bringing their record to 17-3.

“We talk about handling adversity better than our opponents,” said coach Larry Lee. “The other team is always under the same conditions as we are it’s just you have to be able to handle it better.”

Cal Poly defeated Wagner with scores of 8-1, 3-1, and 7-2 on March 14-16 and continued their winning streak at home making it 17 straight home games that they have won rolling over from last season.

“You have an idea of how you think you are going to perform,” said coach Larry Lee. “But until you play outside competition, play the game for real you just never know. I did expect us to play that well but until the first game you don’t really know how your individuals  and the team is going to respond.”


Cal Poly exchanges high fives with one another as they celebrate yet another win at Baggett Stadium.

What do opponents look like in the next 12 home games for Cal Poly?

Cal Poly continues their home stand through April 8 against a variety of opponents including league opponents UCSB and UC Davis.  Let’s take a look at what other teams Cal Poly is set to face off against.

  • March 21-24 vs. Cal at Baggett Stadium
  • March 28-30 vs UC Davis at Baggett Stadium
  • April 1 vs. CSU Bakersfield at Baggett Stadium
  • April 4-6 vs. UCSB at Baggett Stadium
  • April 8 vs. St. Mary’s at Baggett Stadium


Cal Poly basketball gets pumped up with their pre-game ritual as they prepare to face their opponents.

Cal Poly Basketball to go to NCAA tournament for first time in school history

According to a press release on Cal Poly’s website, senior forward and MVP of the tournament Chris Eversley scored a game-high 18 points for Cal Poly as they defeated fifth-seeded Cal State Northridge.  They won in the final seconds 61-58 in the Big West championship game in Anaheim on Saturday night taking them to the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history.

“As much as I wanted the basketball team to do well this season, they competed and won the games that mattered and I cannot wait to see what happens in the NCAA tournament,” said freshman Industrial Engineering major Alyssa Kondo. 

Sophomore wing David Nwaba also added 17 points followed by freshman guard Ridge Shipley who scored 14 points to contribute to the win that made Cal Poly the first team in the 39 years of the Big West tournament to be the seventh seed and come back to win the tournament.

This is the third time that Cal Poly has been in the Big West championship game but lost in 2004 and 2007.

According to CBS sports, the conference tournaments allow for even the worst teams to have a chance to make an appearance in the NCAA tournament and Cal Poly did just that with their 13-19 record on Saturday night.  They also managed to make the list of one of the worst teams to make it to the tournament record-wise.

The bracket for the 2014 NCAA tournament can be viewed here.

Hope everyone is looking forward to seeing where these two teams end up as basketball is coming to a close and baseball is just getting started on their runs to be championship teams.

Cal Poly Baseball faces off against National Champion teams

Story Highlights: 

  • Cal Poly wins the series two games to one against defending 2013 national champions UCLA from Feb. 21-23
  • The Mustangs get rained out  but split the doubleheader on Sunday, March 2nd against twelve time national champions USC
  • Fans of Cal Poly baseball talk about what it is that brings them out to the ball field time and time again.


The back of the announcers booth at Baggett Stadium represents the star players that have come out of the Cal Poly baseball organization.

“We have a very challenging non conference schedule,” said Coach Larry Lee. “We have to play defending national champion UCLA and twelve time national champion USC.”

The Mustangs conquered all of Coach Lee’s fears these past couple weekends in Southern California.

Cal Poly breezes by UCLA, wins the series, and moves to number 13 in the nation

Cal Poly unfortunately started the series off with a 5-2 loss at Jackie Robinson Stadium at UCLA on Feb. 21 and salvaged only five hits against a trio of UCLA pitchers according to a press release on Cal Poly’s website.

Mustangs starting pitcher Matt Imhof struggled giving up four runs and six hits to the defending national champions. Danny Zandona followed pitching two innings and giving up one run off of three hits.  The night was concluded with Bryan Granger pitching a scoreless inning for the Mustangs.

“We have a bitter taste in our mouth for UCLA, we are out for vengeance and they probably don’t even know it,” said 5th year Ag. Business major and third baseman Mike Hoo. 

The Mustangs definitely came out for vengeance the next day when freshman Slater Lee and the Mustangs shut down UCLA 8-0 and held them to only two hits according to a press release on Cal Poly’s website.

Slater Lee pitched Cal Poly’s first complete game shutout since 2012 and led his team into the shutout of the defending national champions.

Nick Torres belted a three-run home run in the third inning to put the mustangs up 3-0 and they never looked back.  Brian Mundell added on with a home run of his own in the fifth inning and the score broke wide open giving the mustangs a 7-0 lead.

UCLA pitcher left-handed Grant Watson unfortunately earned a loss to the Cal Poly mustangs who have started the season off with a bang.

After their 8-0 win Cal Poly and UCLA had earned one win a piece going into the final game to see who would take the series.


The Cal Poly baseball team has a post game pep talk and debrief about what they did well and what they should have done different during the game.

Nick Torres and Brian Mundell combined for five hits and five RBI’s as Cal Poly claimed the series against number 12 UCLA with a 9-1 win on Sunday, February 23.

Casey Bloomquist, Taylor Chris, and Reed Reilly combined to hold UCLA to only six hits and one run.  On the other hand UCLA starting pitcher Cody Poteet earned a loss as one of the six pitchers that the national champions used in the series finale.

After the series win Cal Poly moved to number 13 in the country and went on to win at San Jose State for a one game series before visiting 12 time national champions USC.

Cal Poly splits doubleheader against the Trojans

Junior left-hander Matt Imhof gave up one run on five hits as Cal Poly won their first game against USC 5-1 at Dedeaux Field according to a press release.

Cal Poly racked up 10 hits with the help of senior catcher Chris Hoo, Mike Mathias, Tim Wise, Jordan Ellis, and Brian Mundell in a game that was delayed two days and then an extra hour due to the rain that swept California this past weekend.

The second game of the double-header Cal Poly unfortunately fell to USC 16-0 bringing their record to 8-2 on the season.

New rankings came out on Monday night and according to the Perfect game poll Cal Poly moved to number 9 in the country which is the best they have been ranked since they became a Division 1 ball club.


Cal Poly pitcher Casey Bloomquist releases the pitch and hopes for the best as it hits the catchers glove for the final strike of the inning.

Fans tell all and Cal Poly plays one game series against Santa Clara

The Cal Poly baseball team improved their record on Tuesday night to 9-2 when they defeated Santa Clara 6-0 in a game that only lasted seven innings due to extreme fog.

I went to the game and interviewed a few fans asking them why they keep coming out to baseball games or if it was their first one what made them want to come out in the first place?

“It’s my second game since I just transferred here,” said junior Kinesiology major Rachael Masterson.  “I really like baseball and we have a really good baseball team so I wanted to come and support them.”

“I keep coming back because they are just really fun and a good environment to be around,” said 2nd year Agricultural and Environmental Plant sciences major Christine Vanna.

” It is my first Cal Poly baseball game,” said 2nd year Agricultural and Environmental plant science major Julia Stuffler.  “I decided to come  because I wanted to go all of last year but I was always too busy and finally my schedule freed up so I was able to come.”


Fans of all ages and majors have a great time and come together to share their love of baseball at Baggett Stadium.

All these fans had a great time at the game and got a win.  Here is a look at the next week or so in Cal Poly baseball.

  • March 7-9 at Seattle
  • March 11-13 vs. Northern Illinois at Baggett Stadium
  • March 14-16 vs.  Wagner at Baggett Stadium
  • March 21-24 vs. Cal at Baggett Stadium

The Mustangs have a long home stand in front of them so stay tuned to find out how they perform on their home turf in the coming weeks.

Audio Q&A: Cal Poly sports through the eyes of students

I asked a different question to three different students about their opinions of Cal Poly sporting events and what it is about them that makes them want to go or in some cases keep coming back to watch some more. Their answers offered hopes for the No. 17th ranked Cal Poly baseball team and how they hope to see the Men’s basketball team finish out their 2014 season.

Why do you go to Cal Poly basketball games?

This is freshman communications major Kate Granlund who I interviewed at Mott Athletic Center after the Cal Poly basketball game on Saturday vs. UC Riverside.

“Basketball has always been one of my favorite sports.  I’ve been to some of the home games this season and every game their offense is continuing to improve… which is awesome and it really showed in Saturday’s win, we played UC Riverside and they were just totally on top of everything it was awesome.  I just hope for the best for the players and I look forward to supporting our mustangs in the rest of their season.”

What do you hope to see from the Cal Poly baseball team this season?

This is freshman Industrial engineering major Alyssa Kondo and I interviewed her at Jamba Juice and asked her about the Cal Poly baseball team and what she noticed after the games she attended vs. Kansas State.

“After watching them sweep Kansas State I guess I am just excited to see how well they do this season and considering they went two for three at UCLA I think Poly has a pretty good chance this season so to see them go to the College world series would be pretty awesome.  But, ya, other than that I am just excited to go to more games  and hope they keep doing well.”

How do sporting events here at Cal Poly compare to the sporting events at your high school?

This is freshman Agriculture and environmental plant sciences major Madeline Esquivel and I interviewed her outside the elevator by the Cerro Vista Apartments. I asked her about how the sporting events here at Cal Poly compare to the ones from her high school.

“Well at my old high school there was a lot of like spirit, school spirit a lot of the students would go to a lot of the sporting events and its really the same here like the gym and field are always packed.  And I like that a lot of the alumni come back to watch sporting events its just really cool!”

Cal Poly Baseball brings out the brooms and sweeps Kansas State in Opening Series

Story Highlights:

  • Cal Poly baseball has opening series against the Kansas State Wildcats February 14-16th at Baggett Stadium
  • The season is opened with a sweep of Kansas State making fans excited for what the season is going to bring
  • There is a long season ahead of the Mustangs according to coach Larry Lee but it is not out of reach for this team


The Cal Poly Mustangs exchange high fives with one another after their last game of the series where they defeated the Wildcats of Kansas State 10-1 to complete the sweep.

Cal Poly defeats Kansas State 3-0 in a pitcher’s duel on Opening Night

Cal Poly’s starting pitcher junior southpaw Matt Imhof pitched against Kansas State’s starting pitcher sophomore Levi MaVorhis in a duel that started the 2014 season off in exciting fashion for all those who came out to watch the season start at 6 p.m. Friday night at Baggett Stadium.

The score was tied 0-0 all the way until the bottom of the sixth inning when Cal Poly scored 3 runs off of Landon Busch of Kansas State who came in to relieve MaVorhis after he pitched 5 scoreless innings.

Cal Poly had the bases loaded in the sixth inning off of singles by Tim Wise and Jordan Ellis, followed by an intentional walk to Brian Mundell according to the press release on Cal Poly’s website.

Jimmy Allen got a two-run single off of Kansas State’s Jake Fromson to make the score 2-0 Mustangs.  That score was soon lifted when Mark Mathias drew a bases-loaded walk to bring the third run over the plate and make the score 3-0.

That score was enough for Matt Imhof as he completed 14 strikeouts in seven innings and tied the school mark of 14 strikeouts in a single game and was relieved my Reed Reilly who finished off the game and handed the Mustangs their first victory of the season.

“Kansas State was a Super Regional team last year,” said coach Larry Lee.  “We went there to play them last year and so this is a return trip.”


The Mustangs prepare to add on to their lead with a man on first base and 1000+ fans watching in hopes of Cal Poly getting the sweep in their first series.

The Mustangs strike again as they clinch the series with a 5-2 win against the Wildcats

According to a Cal Poly press release, freshman right-hander Slater Lee struck out seven over 6 1/3 innings in his first collegiate start as Cal Poly marched to a 5-2 victory Saturday night in front of a crowd of 1,217.

Kansas State senior Jared Moore picked up the loss after giving up three runs in the sixth inning and eight hits over the innings prior.

Cal Poly’s Nick Torres singled four times and junior center fielder Jordan Ellis added three hits to make it a game that would not go unnoticed in the scorebooks.

Kansas State had a total of five hits with runs being scored in the fourth and ninth innings but it was not enough to stop Cal Poly.

Peter Van Gansen and Jordan Ellis added on 2 RBI’s in the eighth inning as they sailed their way to another victory bringing their record to 2-0.

“I got to help the team win and be a leader to the infield,” said sophomore shortstop Peter Van Gansen who did just that on Saturday night at Baggett Stadium.


This sign welcomes fans into Baggett Stadium highlighting who will be playing in that particular game.

Cal Poly cleanly sweeps Kansas State with a 10-1 victory on Sunday afternoon

The Mustangs had 14 hits and 10 runs on Sunday afternoon in a game where Nick Torres hit a 3-run home run and sophomore Brian Mundell had two doubles and a pair of RBI’s in front of a crowd of 1,528 according to a Cal Poly press release.

Sophomore right-hander Casey Bloomquist pitched five scoreless innings but was relieved by Nick Suniga, Danny Zandona and Bryan Granger who finished off the game and solidified Cal Poly’s victory.

“We have to compete every ball game, and be a team the whole season,” said 5th year shortstop and third baseman Mike Hoo.

Cal Poly had a great start to the season and it is the third year in a row that they have started the season with a 3-0 record.

Kansas State’s right-hander Jordan Witcig picked up the loss on Sunday as they look to improve their season from here on out.

The Mustangs had a 2-0 lead in the first inning and it was brought all the way up to 4-0 by the fourth inning.  After that, Cal Poly scored two runs in the sixth and one run in the seventh before the scoring ended with the 3-run home run by Nick Torres bringing the 10-1 victory and the sweep to Baggett Stadium.


Cal Poly baseball fans of all ages attend the game on Sunday, February 16th in hopes of seeing the Mustangs sweep their first series of the season.

Where are these Mustangs headed now?

After the three game sweep of Kansas State Cal Poly has moved to number 22 in the country according to the Baseball America Poll.

“We usually have a strong Big West conference schedule,” said coach Larry Lee. “We have a three game series against UCLA during week 2 who were national champions last year and then we go down to play USC during week 3 who have won 12 national titles.”

The season is not going to be an easy one for Cal Poly but based upon their first series sweep it will definitely be one that is a nail biter until the end.  Cal Poly is going on to play their next 11 out 12 games on the road.  Here is a look at the next couple weeks in Cal Poly baseball.

  • 2/18- at Santa Clara
  • 2/21-2/23-at UCLA
  • 2/25-at San Jose State
  • 2/28-3/2- at USC
  • 3/4- vs. Santa Clara 6.p.m. at Baggett Stadium

Stay tuned for more updates on the number 22 ranked Cal Poly baseball team and their journey through their tough but not impossible 2014 season.

Hoops in Hawaii: On the road again for the Mustangs

Story Highlights

  • Cal Poly played 4th place University of Hawaii in Honolulu on Saturday night February 8th
  • Joe Callero offers insight about the things the team can improve on and what they have done well this season
  • Sophomore forward David Nwaba and junior forward Anthony Silvestri talk about how they got to play at this level of basketball


The Cal Poly Mustangs prepare for their game against no. 4 ranked Hawaii at Mott Athletic Center with the hopes of gaining ground in the Big West standings.

Mustangs rally but fall to Hawaii in the second half 69-60

According to the press release on Cal Poly’s website, the Mustangs suffered their fourth straight loss on Saturday night against Hawaii despite senior guard Kyle Odister and sophomore forward David Nwaba finishing with a team leading 12 points.

Freshman guard Ridge Shipley also matched a career high with nine points for Cal Poly but it was not enough to match the efforts of Hawaii sophomore forward Isaac Fotu who finished with a game high of 26 points inside the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu.

“Each team has strengths and weaknesses and we play some great teams,” said Coach Joe Callero.

Cal Poly held the lead for the majority of the beginning of the game, but Hawaii held the Mustangs to just one basket over a six- minute span and Hawaii went into halftime with a 32-24 lead.

The Mustangs made a couple of nice runs in the second half but it wasn’t enough to beat the Warriors of Hawaii as Cal Poly fell to (4-5) in conference and remain in 5th place in the Big West.


Sophomore forward David Nwaba stands at 6’4″ and serves as one of the Men’s basketball key players as he constantly is trying to lead the team into victory.

Three’s company: David Nwaba, Anthony Silvestri, and Coach Joe Callero offer the inside scoop

Joe Callero has been the head coach of the Cal Poly Men’s basketball team for the past 5 years and continues to make a difference and contribute to the players and the teams success.

“Each month we have improved and really concentrate on game plan,” said Coach Joe Callero.  “The number one thing learned is the importance of knowing what the opponents are going to do.”

The Mustangs have had a decent season and coach Callero as well as fans of Cal Poly Basketball are excited to see what is to come of this team as the season wraps up in the next month.

David Nwaba and Anthony Silvestri have both played big roles in the teams overall success.  David Nwaba scores an average of 23.6 points per game while Anthony Silvestri scores an average of about 9.2 points per game this season according to team statistics.

David Nwaba looks to get better at basketball every day and he is constantly working on his game trying to get better.

“I have been playing basketball since the third grade,” said sophomore forward David Nwaba.  “I came to Cal Poly to play because I grew up watching basketball and wanted to play at a good school.”

Nwaba isn’t the only one who came to Cal Poly looking to pursue his basketball career.

Anthony Silvestri is from San Francisco and is in his second year of playing here in San Luis Obispo even though he has been playing the game for quite some time.

“I have been playing since probably like third grade,” said junior forward Anthony Silvestri.  “I came here to play because it’s a good environment and a really good place to go to school.


Mott Athletic Center waits to host Cal State Fullerton and UC Riverside which could end up being the games that decide who is going to take the Big West Conference.

Mustangs prepare to dominate So-Cal teams

The Cal Poly basketball team travels down to Southern California in an attempt to weasel their way back into having a shot at the Big West Conference.  After that, the Mustangs play two more southern California teams here at home in Mott Athletic Center.  Their schedule looks as follows:

  • Thursday, February 13 at 7 p.m. at Cal State Northridge
  • Saturday February 15 at 7:30 p.m. at Long Beach State (also televised on Fox Prime Ticket)
  • Thursday, February 20 at 7 p.m. vs. Cal State Fullerton
  • Saturday, February 22 at 7 p.m. vs. UC Riverside

If these games are a success for the Mustangs there is a chance that they will be back on top of the Big West Conference.

Stay tuned next week to see how the opening series goes for baseball against Kanas State here at Cal Poly’s Baggett Stadium.

CP Men’s Basketball faces off against 2 UC rivals

Story Highlights

  • Cal Poly men’s basketball played 2 rival games at home facing UC Davis on Jan. 30 and UC Irvine on Feb.1
  • Cal Poly was in 2nd place in the Big West conference going into the 2 games and was looking to possibly gain ground in the standings by beating last place Davis and first place Irvine.
  • ESPN paid a visit to Cal Poly on Feb. 1 and televised the UC Irvine game as students and fans at Cal Poly dressed in BLACKOUT attire.


Cal Poly plots out their next moves of the game at a timeout during their game on Thurs. January 30 vs. the UC Davis Aggies.

Mustangs fall short 62-58 against the Aggies of UC Davis

“We are at home and we always play better at home,” said Junior forward Anthony Silvestri. Not even those words of confidence could help the Mustangs during Thursdays game against last place UC Davis.  A game that was a nail biter until the final seconds when Cal Poly was unfortunately defeated by a mere 4 points.

Despite the unfortunate loss, one highlight stood out in the minds of the 2,242 fans at Mott Athletic Center on Thursday.  Senior forward Chris Eversley made it to his 1000-point mark in his college career with two minutes left in the first half of the game becoming only the 19th Mustang to do so.

According to a press release that was released on Cal Poly’s website, Cal Poly was winning by 6 points with only 13 minutes left to play in the game but didn’t have enough to keep off the Aggies from scoring 10 shots and marching all the way to victory on the Mustangs home court.

The game started off strong however as sophomore David Nwaba broke the tie in the beginning of the game.  With that streak of momentum and the help of his teammates, Cal Poly went into the half with a 28-21 lead.

That momentum changed in the last seconds of the game when Cal Poly missed two key three-pointers that would have tied the game but instead the ball was turned over to Davis as they scored one final three-pointer to solidify their 62-58 victory over the Mustangs.

“We need to have a more explosive offensive game.”  Said Head Coach Joe Callero. “Defensive consistency and rebound has to be there for us to have a chance at the title.”


Cal Poly and UC Davis basketball players get back on the court after a timeout and watch from the half court line as one of the Aggies shoots a basket due to a foul called on the Mustangs.

Cal Poly struggles as they get defeated 64-50 by first place UC Irvine

Cal Poly was going into the game on Saturday night looking hopeful as their fans were dressed in “blackout” attire and ESPN was ready to broadcast this rival game on national television.

Sophomore forward David Nwaba said, “We have been playing good lately so I think we will be fine.” when asked how he thinks the team was going to do against their opponent on Saturday night.


Sophomore forward David Nwaba blocks UC Irvine Freshman Guard Aaron Wright as Irvine looks to shoot a basket and gain on their lead against Cal Poly.

In a press release by ESPN it was said how Cal Poly scored on five out of their first six possessions, but UC Irvine fought back by scoring 20 out of the games next 22 points.

“When we struggle as a team we go 4 or 5 minutes without scoring,” said Coach Joe Callero.  The Mustangs had that exact issue on Saturday night going for almost six minutes without scoring any points.

Despite the efforts of Senior forward Chris Eversley scoring 14 points and Senior Guard Kyle Odister scoring 12 points it just was not enough to carry the Mustangs to a victory that would have taken them to first place in the Big West Conference.

The UC Irvine Anteaters went ahead 39-28 going into the half and never looked back leading themselves all the way into their 64-50 victory over the Mustangs.

What happens now Mustangs?

After a very exciting week of basketball all around the Big West Conference the standings at the end of this week are as follows:

  1. UCSB (5-2) c0nference
  2. UC Irvine (5-2) conference
  3. Long Beach State (5-2) conference
  4. Hawaii (4-3) conference
  5. Cal Poly (4-4) conference
  6. Cal State Northridge (3-5) conference
  7. Cal State Fullerton (2-4) conference
  8. UC Riverside (2-5) conference
  9. UC Davis (2-5) conference

Next week, Cal Poly travels to Hawaii to face no. 4 University of Hawaii in a game that should be an exciting one to watch.  Coach Joe Callero said, “We won last year against Hawaii so we know we can win.”

After that, Cal Poly travels down south to play Cal State Northridge and Long Beach State which should be two really good games to pay attention to.

The Mustangs schedule is going to get tough but nothing that they cannot handle so stay tuned sports fans for more scoop on the team in the coming weeks.


This slideshow is a compilation of pictures and quotes from players and coaches previewing their 2014 Cal Poly Baseball team and what they think their upcoming season is going to be like.


Baseball is the pastime of America and something that has become very competitive here at Cal Poly as well.  This is a preview of 2014 baseball season that both players and coaches alike anticipate to be a thrill ride.


The scoreboard at Baggett Stadium is still and unused as it awaits the opening series Feb. 14-16 against Kansas State.


Head Coach Larry Lee watches practice from the sidelines while giving his players positive feedback.  “The goals are the same each year. says Lee.   “To try to make it into the playoffs and make a strong deep run into the playoffs.”


5th year Ag. Business major and 3rd baseman Mike Hoo shares a laugh with 2nd year Child Development major and shortstop Peter Van Gansen while taking infield practice.


“Hopefully this year we will make it to super regionals or the College World Series,” said 5th year third baseman Mike Hoo.  “We just need to compete every ball game and be a team the whole season.”


2nd year starting shortstop Peter Van Gansen said, “We want to try to have a solid year injury free and get past the 40 win mark.” His personal goals include helping the team win and being a leader to the infield.


One of Cal Poly’s catchers gets geared up and walks towards the bullpen to start to warm up the pitchers in preparation for practice.


The backstop serves as the backdrop of Bagget Stadium and serves as a perfect safety net so fans can safely enjoy games.


Coach Lee talks strategy with some of the team as they watch the infielders take practice.  “We have about 3 and a half weeks to prepare for our season opener.” Said Coach Lee. “We have a very challenging nonconference schedule but each game will be hard fought , we have our work cut out for us.”


Cal Poly baseball players make conversation with each other about the long day of practice as they make their way back to the clubhouse.


Even though the schedule is going to be tough the team knows they have what it takes.  “We have a bitter taste in our mouth for UCLA, we are out for vengeance and they probably don’t even know it.” said Peter Van Gansen and Mike Hoo.

IMG_0352 (2)

Off the field, Cal Poly’s baseball players are just a normal group of guys.  Here they  are cooling down with a smoothie at Jamba Juice at PCV after a long day of practice.